The Highlander | Closest Landmarks
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Closest Landmarks

Glen Affric

glenn-affricGlen Affric is said to be one of the most beautiful Glens in the Highlands of Scotland. It is the home of the two highest mountains north of Loch Ness. It also has one of the largest remnants of Caledonian Pine Forest that once covered most of the Highlands as well as lochs, moorland and mountains.  The forest is a mixture of gnarled old Scots pine, oaks and silver birches. There are many stunningly beautiful walks and waterfalls through the ancient pine forest where you will find clearly marked footpaths and tracks.

Fort Augustus

fort-augustusFort Augustus is a small village to the south west of Loch Ness. The canal and locks built by Thomas Telford took 19 years to complete. The Caledonian Canal runs some 60 miles from northeast to northwest. There are 29 lochs, 4 aqueducts and 10 bridges, some of which can be seen at Fort Augustus. The canal towpaths are mixed-use routes and enjoyed by a variety of users including walkers, anglers, cyclists and horse riders.

Loch Ness

loch-nessLoch Ness is around 23 miles long and contains more water than all the lakes in England, Scotland and Wales put together. Loch Ness is best known for it’s alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, also affectionately known as Nessie. Loch Ness is the largest body of water on the Great Glen Fault which runs from Inverness, in the north, to Fort William, in the south. One of the nicest ways to enjoy Loch Ness is to take a cruise or boat trip, many of which have sonar on board and enjoy the breath taking views of Loch Ness and all it’s natural wonder.

Corrimony Chambered Cairn

corrimony-cairns-editCorrimony Chambered Cairn is a short 5 minute drive from the Highlander B&B. The Cairn is surrounded by eleven standing stones and it is still possible to access the central chamber via a passage 7 metres in length through to the burial chamber which is open to the elements. The passage and chamber are aligned on the south western axis, probably with some relevance to the midwinter sunset. Midwinter was an important time of rebirth in the ancient calendar.  The Cairn is believed to have been built some 4,000 years ago.

Urquhart Castle

uruqart-castleUruquart Castle sits on the north shore of Loch Ness besides the village of Drumnadrochit. The castle is owned by Historic Scotland and has a visitor center where you will learn of the fascinating insights into it’s dramatic history. Records show that a castle has stood on this site from at least the 13th century. From the ruins of the castle you can enjoy stunning views over Loch Ness.